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You don’t need just an account manager, you need a team that’s got your back. A single team member might leave, or chuck a sickie. Our support platform offers our entire team across email, phone and messaging. Completely transparent support history, no more emails going to absent staff.

Support for professional agencies, just like yours.

Decentralised support, we’re all helping togetherTry it for yourself

Don’t take our word for it.
Hear it from our customers.

Hey Realhub

Seriously you guys rock! And we are so happy to have come across... As they say, if only we had done this earlier. :)

Everyone including myself has been over the moon how smoothly everything has gone, your communication, ease and flexibility and just getting to know everyone up to this point has been amazing.

You guys know how to make us feel calm when we hit the go button. I must say this as it’s one of your best team qualities - everything felt easy and under control.

Thank you,
Looking forward to many good years ahead!

Knowledge Base
Answers to all the most common questions, available 24/7
Our knowledge base means you can get answers to questions any time of day.
Email/Chat Support
Quick, immediate solutions to everyday problems. No Hassles.
Experts in templates, products, providers and technology, all within reach of your fingertips.
Phone Support
Premium phone support for instant help within business hours.
Available on the enterprise level our phone support has solutions in seconds. So you can move on with the rest of your day.

Hi Realhub

Just a quick message to thank you and your team for your help this week.

It was a huge job to get all 9 of our offices up and running and your team did an amazing job keeping everyone calm and moving forward to meet the deadlines.

My email inbox shows that you guys answered 138 emails from me in 3 days which is huge. Particularly when I think the average response time was about 10 minutes tops.


You’ll ask less questions and receive faster answers, with Realhub.

A platform built to negate the need for support, coupled with the industries best support.

Hey Realhub

Thanks so much for your help! I can’t believe it’s been this easy a transition and I’m sure we (ok I) hound you guys a lot. Wanted to say I appreciate all your help all the time, that’s all!

Kindest Regards,

Hey Realhub

The system was super easy to use once we got all the templates right :)

Really fast responses from you and your team which we LOVE here at Morton!

Thanks Guys,

Experienced support that you can count on to get the job done.

When it comes to support, it’s easier to get your point across when speaking to us directly. That is why with us that all our phone, email and chat support is provided 100% here in Australia.

Highly trained across the entire platform, with niche experts providing support with templates, publications, providers and other services, you’ll always have access to support that can get the job done.

“It was a very big decision, we'd been with a previous supplier for over 20 years. But what was presented to us was so exciting and refreshing, we couldn't ignore it.

The delivery has been above expectation.

There's nothing that's too hard.”

John Cunningham
Founder & Director
Industry leading design and usability

We focus on using support and communication technology that assists us in helping your team. The software to power our company leads the market in increasing efficiency and providing accountability.

We build out solutions for our staff so their focus is on helping you complete tasks quickly and efficiently. When issues re-occur frequently and add to our support volume we don’t add people, we develop solutions.

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We’re not off in space, we’re here on the ground, solving your problems.

Avg. 3,000 tickets solved per week

74% Replies under 1 Hour

95% Replies in the same Day

Support SLAs available for Enterprise

All of our products are backed by the same support team, across your entire marketing efforts.
We’re there for you.

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