Built for Agents & Vendors -- Improved communication and transparency

Do you spend more time in the office? Or near your phone?

It’s impossible to ignore the amount mobile phones have changed our lives. A tiny computer in your hands. That now, can take control of your lead generation and marketing campaigns. You’ve got all the power, right in your pocket.

Build an entire campaign for million dollar properties, in minutes, with team collaboration and vendor inclusion.

Stay in the loop with your team, and the vendors

Real-time collaboration

Open up a world of efficient and relevant communication between your entire team and vendors with our system-wide conversation functionality.

Get proofs signed off faster and invite the vendor to contribute to the conversation. Eliminate nasty mistakes with our fast email proofing and communication system.

Save artworks before they go to print. With the most up to date proofs only a click away before approval,nd most important of all, accessible anywhere, via web or mobile.

Deliver better customer service to your clients

SMS Alerts, emails and notifications.

Sellers want to know as much about what’s happening with their property campaign as possible, by being able to access all your campaigns on the go, you’ll be able to provide more transparent and immediate service.

A happy and educated vendor takes less effort to maintain. Using our alerts you can reduce points of contact and avoid confusion

24/7 Complete Oversight on all your Campaigns

You never know when you’ll need to update a vendor, or need to follow up on an issue.

Why should you be limited to business hours or your access to a computer? The most important information about your campaign is available in the palm of your hand or your jacket pocket.

You’ll save time from sending emails, or waiting for replies. Instant information is made available at your fingertips. The way modern technology should be.

Keep an eye on expenses and avoid nasty surprises.

Campaign marketing finances can be a difficult conversation between yourself and a vendor.

If there is a need for additional marketing, or the situation changes and they need to spend more money there has to be a paper trail right? Not anymore, invoices and expenditures as well as contributions and bills paid across your entire campaign are now available to agents and vendors at a moments notice.

Campaign media, dropped straight into your hands

Less expired dropbox links, confusion and back and forward email proofs... or even worse printed proofs with handwritten notes.

Comment, tag and approve/reject photography and other media directly within your app. Keep the conversations where they matter most and increase accountability and transparency. Less confusion, fewer expenses.

Photographers can upload their finished product directly into your realhub account giving you direct and instant access. To you and the vendors.

The Realhub App is available on iOS today, and no matter what device you or the vendor is using you can access the campaign essentials via any devices web browser.

On the go means different things for different people. Some agents carry laptops, some ipads, some just their phones Realhub recognised there’s no one way of operating your business, so the entire platform is developed to accommodate any device.

Get every real estate service in one place, and save hours communicating and tracking entire campaigns.

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