Execute winning multi-media sales strategies

Realhub does the heavy lifting behind the scenes which means less stress during booking, designing and marketing. Anyone can be an expert and market property with Realhub.


Build an entire campaign for million dollar properties, in minutes, with team collaboration and vendor inclusion.

Work less, create more. Marketing automation that assists your team.

The boring bits have been done for you with {smart_data} tags that auto-populate your information, so you can just add the final touches.

It’s your own data, you should have quick and easy access to communication between your CRM and your marketing platform. With everything, your CRM makes available to us, we can auto-populate CRM stored data straight into your templates. Extending to vendors (via some suppliers) and including automatic pre-filling of agent and listing data accessible inside Realhub.

National property data, quick select and replace.

Use your own properties, or properties available across data suppliers to populate design content like market updates, OFI lists, open home comparable sheets, recent sales DLs and more. All your data, and the entire countries sales history at the touch of a button without another data subscription.

Create consistent marketing collateral across every channel.

Get the most from your marketing efforts, deliver marketing that crushes the competition across locally distributed print, national publication networks and the entire scope of digital marketing from social media to lead generating documents.

A multi-channelled approach across digital and print creates powerful recognition, trust and familiarity that increases your ability to sell more, and list more.

Built for ease of use, faster and more accessible

No steep learning curves, speed up your entire team with technology that makes you more efficient.

Built out of necessity to fill a gaping hole in the industry. Realhub’s automation and usability is powering thousands of agencies marketing efforts daily.

Comparable components, re-using saved artworks smart automation of data population and building print and digital campaigns in seconds. Your team will never have worked so efficiently.

Follow artwork progress, from creation to delivery of marketing materials.

It’s only natural to make mistakes now and then. Team accountability and transparency is important, if a mistake is made it’s not about throwing blame around it’s important to direct, train and manage your team to improve for next time.

One trackable source of truth for your whole campaign.

Eliminate risky email proofing and approvals. Powerful team collaboration.

You don’t know if someone is approving the current artwork or one from three revisions ago. There’s a huge room for error with email proofing, and when you’re working with artworks for newspaper or by the thousand in off-set printing, the cost of a mistake becomes astronomical.

Don’t risk making a huge mistake, use our in-built proofing and artwork approval workflows to ensure the right version gets approved before sending to suppliers.

Finally, approvals and commenting both public (with the vendor) and privately (within your team) in the same place as the artworks. The oversight a manager needs to keep an eye on the entire marketing efforts of an office, available now.

Stay in the loop with your team, and the vendors

Real-time collaboration between multiple staff, offices and teams.

Open up a world of efficient and relevant communication between your entire team and vendors with our system-wide conversation functionality.

Get proofs signed off on faster, invite the vendor to contribute to the conversation and eliminate nasty mistakes that can occur with email proofing and communication.

Save artworks before they go to print with the most up to date proofs being a click away before approval.

Lowered costs of training, production and access anywhere collaboration.

You can now reduce the cost of artwork production, and anyone in your office, any staff member with any level of experience will be creating your marketing in minutes. With this reduction in cost you’ll be able to scale larger, growing beyond the typical confines of your team size by using tools that make the business operate faster and more efficiently.

The whole team can collaborate together on artworks with digital mobile friendly proofing, even when no-ones in the office.

Changing specs, growing brand libraries, only the fastest support can keep up.

Across newspaper specs, provider requirements and digital platforms constantly changing their optimal sizes and formats it can be quite difficult to ensure you’re always creating your marketing to the right specifications.

Having support that's operating here on the ground means you’ll always have the best help at hand when you need a quick change or update done.

With the rate of specification changes, and the rolling out of new designs and marketing strategies by brands you can’t guarantee a template will always be perfect. But having the support that cares, and can quickly resolve your issues will save your day every time.

Get every marketing product in the one place, and save hours communicating and tracking entire campaigns.

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