Accounting for property marketing with less admin

Tools that any accountant, agent and vendor can pick up and understand instantly, facilitating entirely accurate and transparent pricing and payments.


Audit safe quoting, invoicing and accounting for any office size. Available securely online at your demand.

Reduce admin overheads, paperwork and manual entry.

Throw out the pens and paper. Building price accurate marketing quotes, presenting them to vendors, converting them to invoices and reconciling with your bank has never been easier.

The real estate industry is known for handling incredibly high value campaigns, Properties and commissions which can lead to some complex accounting. It’s enough for any accounts team trying to keep on top of payroll, rent rolls and trust accounting, before the marketing of your property is even considered.

Automation of quote acceptance, turning accurately priced quotes directly into shopping carts and then tracking contributions to invoices and bills is all now compartmentalised inside specific campaigns, making it easy to keep on top of both your staff and your vendors and where the accounts sit.

Build a more successful, less paperwork focused accounting workflow that fits perfectly around your existing workflow with the tools now available at Realhub.

A giant marketplace with hundreds of suppliers, all with accurate pricing and the ability to provide office specific special offers, and one time deals.

By allowing providers to manage their own price lists, and create price overrides specifically for your office, you won’t have to miss out on any special deals, made just for you. And you won’t have any invoicing confusion at the end of your campaign.

When pricing isn’t correct mistakes are made. For example a newspaper may give you a special rate, for a one time offer. You will be able to easily override, adjust or void invoices on the fly, creating the correct campaign spend every time.

Always quote accurate pricing with your marketing campaigns, avoid awkward conversations. And branded quotes.

No one likes having to ask a seller for more money because something went wrong during the quoting/ordering process, or if an admin or agent orders something additional to the original quote. Implementing special permission structures on a per office basis means you can make sure no order item is permitted without first receiving an accepted invoice to proceed.

When you’re building an empire, every penny counts.

The larger you get, the more accountable you are for the checks and balances of every property transaction. With the strict nature of the government's interest in real estate and constant auditing and oversight you need to use a platform that gives you the confidence you’re doing right by your customers whilst maintaining government compliance.

Send easy, professional invoices. Get paid on time.

Sending an invoice late can heavily impact a businesses cash-flow. The longer it takes to send the longer it takes to get paid.

Don’t leave yourself on the hook for bills and outstanding marketing costs that the vendor needs to pay for. Easily convert order items into personalised professional invoices and make sure the vendors know where they are up to with payments via the vendor dashboard.

On the fly changes, and check it anywhere with full transparency

Update your accounts securely from anywhere at anytime on any device.

Your team’s invoicing, contributions and credit notes can be viewed by administrators, agents and vendors on the desktop or online. This means you can keep an eye on what’s happening financially on any campaign anywhere in the world, while always staying compliant with the local laws for your business.

Share real-time financial data with your accountant or book-keeper

With access to both office-wide accounting tools and campaign specific management you can both provide ease of access and viewing to agents who need the oversight and powerful bulk updating, viewing and exporting tools that allow you to continue your accurate accounting across to integrates with accounting software brands like Xero.

Once integrated with Xero, you can reconcile large numbers of transactions at once with tools like their cash-coding grouped transactions and tracking back-dated transactions, current cash position and automatic secure imports from your bank transactions.

Get every marketing product in the one place, and save hours communicating and tracking entire campaigns.

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