Founded in 2017 --

The Agency

Founded in just 2017, a modern take on what brands have to offer agents emerged to take the industry (and high performing agents) by storm.
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“I can’t believe it’s been this easy a transition.”
Taking advantage of a slam dunk offering is still a complicated decision.

Across the network of real estate media suppliers, there’s the good, the bad and the ugly. And if you’re already functioning exceptionally as a business and experiencing massive growth, the thought of changing one of the big cogs out from the machine that is your business could be terrifying.

It takes guts to make a decision like that, but based on the offering Realhub was able to provide and the advantages presented The Agency, young and controversial group with everything to prove decided it was time to move to a better way of getting things done.

Every new customer we onboard comes with a unique set of challenges, a unique set of requirements but when the team at Realhub saw a chance to align with a brand they truly see as disruptive offering to a lot of agents we knew the juice would be worth the squeeze.

Building out the missing peices over the course of a two month project we quickly adapted to new workflows and fit existing products/platforms into our own to accomodate.

“I’m sure we (ok I) hound you guys a lot. Wanted to say I appreciate all your help all the time, that’s all!”
Jenny Lam
General Manager

No great onboarding is possible without a great leadership team. It requires efficient communication and fast thinkers to take a real estate brand from one product to the next, and with the team at the Agency aligning with a lot of our own company values, of being fast acting and performing high impact decision making at fast speeds we saw the group move over to congratulations from the agencies who immediately saw the potential our future relationship held.

Realhub continues to provide the support and communication to all of their offices that they experienced across the migration and look forwad to working together for many years to come.

Get ahead of the curve. Join the team at Realhub today.