Founded in 1991 --

Cunninghams Real Estate

Boutique 3 office group with over 10% marketshare across Sydney’s Northern Beaches with offices in Manly, Dee Why and Balgowlah
3 Offices
Print Services
Real Studios
# OF SALES IN 2018
“There’s a level of intelligence behind Realhub that makes our jobs that much easier.”
Many agencies are complicit, waiting to see what the competition will do and following it, not Cunninghams.

Highly regarded in the industry as both thought leaders and true innovators they are always on the lookout for the most powerful technology to elevate their business to success.

The team at Cunningham’s is on a mission to be the best, in a highly competitive market they’ve continued to see exceptional growth in their X years of operation. From a very early point on in Realhub’s life, the product caught the attention of ex-REIA president John Cunningham’s and the team. Having been content and well served by an existing marketing provider for over 20 years there was a huge risk inherent in moving their business away from what was already working. But the team saw an even bigger, trying to compete in the market against other agencies with more innovative technology.

Utilising the full range of services Realhub had to offer, from the online platform and print marketing to digital products and video/photography services Cunningham’s has seen amazing benefits across their entire business.

“Sometimes you’ve got to make a quantum leap, you’ve gotta take a leap of faith with innovation and lead the way. Change is inevitable. It’s the only constant. Embrace it, go with it, because if you don’t you’ll just get left behind.”
John Cunningham
Founder & Director

Cunningham’s Real Estate took the bull by the horns and said we’re going to lead the pack, not wait and see. And they’ve never once regretted their decision.

Across their office, and externally with their VA support network their artwork creation, brand moderation and inter-office communication are faster, easier and more controlled than anything they were able to achieve previously.

Taking the leap is continuously paying off and has seen them able to take up a 10% market share across the entire Northern Beaches with just 3 offices and under 100 staff.

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It's an enhancer to what we do as agents on the ground. It's still about relationships with sellers, buyers and tenants.