Founded in 2000 --

Belle Property Group

From humble beginnings in the year 2000, explosive growth across the eastern shores of Australia and all the way up into the Northern Territory on the back of a familiar and household name and magazine partnership.
# OF SALES IN 2018
“Seriously, you guys rock! And we are so happy to have come across. As they say, if only we have done this earlier. :)”
A tight migration deadline, cut in half and still the most successful and well received operational change for the brand in its history.

A boutique approach to national franchise real estate has helped Belle tap into an extensive network with a unique approach to full service real estate services. Focused on higher end markets from simple studios to multi-million dollar homes their commitment to professionalism and attention to detail meant they needed to know and trust in a marketing platform that could provide a custom tailored and considerably complex approach.

Our onboarding, template and support teams worked closely over the course of just 3 months to migrate their entire 90 office group, including thousands of templates, unique challenges and the refining of an already prestigious brand to create a new brand style that helped move them forward, without completely re-inventing the wheel.

“You guys know how to make us feel calm when we hit the go button. I must say this as it’s one of your best team qualities - everything felt easy and under control.”
Kristy Salmon
Head of Operations

Across timezones, holiday periods and the training of the entire group we successfully launched the entire brand to an entirely positive experience for the entire group.

No migration is without it’s teething issues, but our abilities shone through with fast, reactive and proactive development and support that helped identify potential costly mistakes before they occurs and quickly address and solve unforeseen circumstances that arised.

In the settling dust, Belle was provided with a platform that has massively impacted their ability to provide the prestige quality service and attention to detail they were already known for, at a much larger scale than previously thought possible.

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“Everyone including myself has been over the moon how smoothly everything has gone, your communication, ease and flexibility and just getting to know everyone up to this point has been amazing.”