Founded in 1958 --

Barry Plant Group

Humble beginnings in 1958 through to controlling over 75 Melbourne offices and far reaching offices across South Australia and Queensland. From 50 disjointed systems to 1 ultimate platform.
Franchise Group
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“We can already see the improvements and insights in our business by using Realhub as a platform for all our offices.”
Combining and consolidating 75 offices, across 25 different platforms. Into 1 cohesive offering.

Growth for real estate offices in the past, meant opening a new office, and finding all new suppliers that could service your areas. Each new supplier meant a new platform to learn to order, and create marketing.

Along with this, every new office brought their own set of workflows and processes, and what worked best in their market. Consolidating suppliers and platforms was a primary requirement of the brand group to get better oversight of their entire companies marketing efforts.

By moving to Realhub, not only have their support staff experiences a 50%+ improvement in speed of marketing creation and learning but each offices unique workflows and processes were able to be accommodated with a versatile, enterprise level software.

With the initial testing rollout a resounding success, and the benefits for the group as a whole immediately evident the brand-wide rollout was undertaken.

“Realhub offers effective collaboration and a much greater level of support of scale. Realhub has become a part of our business and our team, working closely with our corporate marketing team and our offices in a collaborative environment.

There’s a lot of change occurring and we can already see the improvements in our business and the insights was are gaining is increasing our efficiency nad offering new opportunities.

Aligned with our business, and our philosophy, Realhub removed prior inefficiencies across the group that relying on a multitude of suppliers contained. We’re eliminating waste through the adoption of Realhub. And that is what's going to drive value in our business.”

Doug Hutchinson
Operations Manager

Built for versatility, and experts in migration we’ve worked alongside the head office team, and each offices own individual teams to create more efficient systems and processes and improved the brand’s ability to track and visualise their offices unique challenges. Addressing and improving on their issues every day.

The creation of marketing assets is one piece of a complicated puzzle. If your current software isn’t providing broad advances in your ability to run a business it’s time to contact the team at Realhub.Join the team at Realhub today.

“I'm excited for what the future holds for our businesses together”