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Campaign Management

Realhub does the heavy lifting behind the scenes which means less stress during booking, designing and marketing. Anyone can be an expert and order with Realhub


Manage single campaigns as easily as you can manage 500 listings, take control of your office.

Get leads, win listings, sell listings, get more leads.

The complete sales cycle, in one platform. From finding your first lead, to building a real estate empire.

In this digital age, there’s a million and one subscriptions and technologies aimed at improving the abilities of an agent, and making what previously took huge teams hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to create, now possible to achieve with smaller teams, and less investment than ever before.

Finally you can be the agent you’ve always wanted to be, with technology that assists you. Giving you back the time to focus on delivering the personal touch that selling a property requires, without the tedious administrative work.

You’re always seconds away from promoting properties.

Campaigns in an instant, build them yourself, or import from your CRM.

Creating and editing campaigns again, and again, and again for each marketing piece of the puzzle is a nightmare. We collect campaign data, and happily export it back out again to marketing providers, so you’ll enter data once, finally.

Built around your existing CRM, and your existing suppliers we’re an easy to learn conduit that focuses on making your multi-faceted marketing approach’s cohesive, and improving communication between every platform.

Get set up
Complete guidance and support throughout onboarding of your business.
Build marketing across digital/print/social
Build marketing that makes an impact, and get it produced by any real estate supplier in the country. Minutes from set up.
Find Listings
Market yourself, use professional proposals and find sellers
Promote your sales success, build agent and agency marketing easily, and fill your sales pipeline.
Control access and roles across your office

Powerful tools for managers

Creating and editing users, agents, administrators and fine granular control of what exactly users can do on the system is all at your fingertips.

Tailored to your offices specific workflow, control whether agents can proceed without approved quotes, who sees what and what level of access various users have, with changes taking effect instantly.

One trackable source of truth for our whole campaign.

Eliminate risky email proofing and approvals. Powerful team collaboration.

You don’t know if someone is approving the current artwork or one from 3 revisions ago with email proofing, there’s a huge room for error and when you’re working with artworks like those for newspaper or large run off-set printing the costs of a mistake can be astronomical.

Don’t risk huge mistakes, use our in-built proofing and artwork approval workflows to ensure that the right version gets approved before sending to suppliers.

Finally, approvals and commenting in the same place as the artworks. The oversight a manager needs to keep an eye on the entire marketing efforts of an office, available now.

Deliver better customer service to your clients

SMS Alerts, emails and notifications.

Buyers want to know as much about what’s happening with their property campaign as possible, by receiving instant SMS alerts on the progress of campaigns and marketing you’ll be able to keep them happier and offer a more transparent service.

A happy and educated vendor takes less effort to maintain, with intelligent use of alerts you can reduce your points of contact and avoid any confusion.

Faster production of marketing content,using your data, across multiple channels with automated synchronisation.

You’ll be creating and delivering pixel-perfect, on brand designs in minutes and sending them to any real estate supplier across Australia in seconds. All the control you need with all the relevant brand restrictions to guide you in keeping control over your marketing and keeping your brand consistent.

Produce content that spans across newspaper, print, digital and social media while maintaining complete consistency, experience the ease of use and ease of delivery unlike any other platform you’ve ever used.

Measure team performances

Insights help guide your training and staff education to improve the bottom line

Proposal leaderboards and insights allow you to take control of your listings pipeline and predict income, improve conversion rates and get in front of any issues that may arise.

Reduce production costs

Time saved here, can be spent elsewhere

There’s already a million and one ways you could be spending your time, both inside work and in your personal life, so don’t spend more time than necessary working back and forward with designers, or liasing with providers.

Speed up production and time to market, and in turn lowerr the costs to your business significantly.

Your brand, your personality. Not a cookie cutter design.

You probably don’t fit the mould of a ‘typical’ agent, or you wouldn’t be here. Everything that got you to where you are today makes you unique, and it is what makes a vendor choose you over the competition.

Built here in Australia we can offer completely custom one-off templates that perfectly fit your brand. You can have this designed by our design team, your professional third party design studio, or our talented front-end designers. No one will confuse you with the competition.

Provide accurate and transparent pricing.

Become the accounting team’s new best friend.

Accidentally underquoting a realestate.com.au listing, or over quoting a newspaper ad could cost you or the vendor thousands, and lead to unprofessional conversations to smooth over. Don’t leave pricing up to chance, use a marketing platform with your pricing and quoting built in.

Once a quote is approved, it can quickly and easily be turned into order items, ready to create artworks for.

Get every real estate service in one place, and save hours communicating and tracking entire campaigns.

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