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Realhub is a powerful, fast and easy to use platform with unmatched service and support.

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Sell more property with fewer staff in less time. With Real Estate Marketing services you can trust.

The complete toolkit for Real Estate Marketing

You need the most powerful and easy to use platform available whether you’re a single agent looking to grow your personal brand or a full service agency with hundreds of agents. Realhub caters to any sized real estate agency or brand with user-first designs inclusive of intensive user testing and feedback. We’re fast moving, constantly evolving and offer industry leading support and service in the ever changing real estate market.
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Industry leading design and usability

With a team of varied backgrounds, we’ve never been boxed in by the previous self imposed limitations of the real estate software industry. You could call us nerds, we’re focused on the latest ground-breaking technology and staying up to date with the world’s leading technology companies in the way we design, research, develop and release our products. Built on a platform used by the leaders of the technology industry like Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Dropbox and even Australia’s largest technology start up Atlassian, we’re constantly researching and updating our methods and products to adhere to the best practises and high standards of the web development space, then bringing all those huge benefits over to the real estate marketing sector to the advantage of all of our real estate agencies.

100% Australian Support

Realhub is unique, our entire platform is developed to negate the need for support through prioritising ease of use. Never the less, you can’t have a small issue hold up a million-dollar marketing campaign so we’re dedicated to keeping highly skilled support staff in house with in-depth knowledge of our entire platform. The people you speak too will be able to fix the problem, not just put you in another queue.
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Unlimited fully unique branded templates

There’s no pre-assigned generic one size fits all templates on our system. Every artwork you create will be 100% unique to your brand, and instantly accessible through our easy to use ordering platform.

Your brand is your baby, don’t let anyone corrupt it’s beauty and prominence in your marketing. With Realhub your brand will be protected and it’s appearance on final delivery will always be consistent and compliant to brand guidelines.

Our artwork platform is the easiest to use in the industry, it’s no good having beautiful marketing if your marketing team can’t figure out how to get the best out of them with templates so complicated no one could figure out, so we’ve made our artwork builder easy enough for anyone to learn.

No more back and forward proofing with designers, and no more expensive design software.

More powerful Realhub products powering your agency from strength to strength.
Software that stays out of the way, and helps your office to grow.

Get more services in one place, with a
professional marketing platform that enables growth.

Our loyal team of Australia’s leading real estate agencies, understand the power having the right technology and support gives you.

Doug Hutchinson
Operations Manager
Barry Plant Group
We can already see the improvements and insights in our business by using Realhub as a platform for all our offices.

One of our objectives was to be able to collaborate more effectively with our offices and provide a much greater level of support at scale than we have at the start. Realhub offers us this capacity to work with a wide variety of suppliers in our group. We feel Realhub is becoming a part of our business and our team. We work closely between our corporate marketing team and our offices together with realhub in a collaborative environment.

There's a lot of change occurring, moving into the new year and we can already see the improvements in our business and the insights that we are gaining from the platform to increase our efficiency and realise the opportunities presented to us.

Realhub is aligned with our business and our philosophies. Prior to Realhub we experienced major inefficiencies across the group, in relying on a multitude of supplier systems there was a lot of duplication and a lot of time wasting. We're eliminating that time wasting through the adoption of Realhub. That's what's going to drive value in our business and free our people up to focus on value adding activities.

We didn't have a common platform for our entire brand group. Realhub offers the efficient delivery of services in an environment where we can work with all our suppliers.

I'm excited for what the future holds for our businesses together

We’re already boosting your competition.
Don’t get left behind.

We know, we know…. change can be scary, intimidating and even frustrating at times. But we promise the work we’re doing, and the updates we are pushing weekly will always be user tested by you and your teams and will always be structured around giving you less work, and more freedom and control over your sale and rental campaigns.
From our earliest customers to our latest, we’ve been dealing with every sized agency from national franchises to sole trader agents through our growth and all our operations reflect how easy the system will fit into your daily tasks no matter what size you’re working with, or where you see your agencies future ending up.
Realhub is a powerful and versatile real estate marketing platform for managing your listings and managements from getting the lead all the way through to promoting the sale to boost your personal profile in your local and national areas.

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